Mario Teguh Tips In English "Indonesian Motivator"

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All the time is right time to do something good. Do not be parents who are still doing something that should be done when young. 

No pricing over time, but time is precious. Pick the time does not make us rich, but use it well is the source of all wealth

We judge ourselves of what we think we can do, while others judge us from what we've done. For that if you think you can, do it immediately 

It's not that slow growth should you fear. However, you should be more afraid to not grow at all. So tumbuhkanlah yourself with whatever speed it. 

If you're correct, do not be too bold and if you're scared, do not be too scared. Because balance is a determinant of attitude accuracy of your success journey 

Our task is not to succeed. Our task is to try, because in trying that we find and learn to build an opportunity to succeed 

You just close to them that you like. And often you do not avoid people who you dislike, but from him that you will recognize the new viewpoint 

You will be called new, but only if you are new ways
The accuracy of attitude is the foundation of all accuracy.  

There is no barrier to success when your attitude right, and no one can help if you have the wrong attitude 

Elderly people who are opportunity-oriented young people who have never ripen, but the youth-oriented security, has been aging since the young 

Only people who can dare to be afraid, because courage is doing something that is feared. So, if feel afraid, you will have the opportunity to be brave 

The biggest strength that is able to beat stress is the ability to choose the right thoughts. You will become more peaceful if you think is the way out the problem. 

Do not ever tear down a fence without knowing why it was founded. Never ignore good guidance without knowing the bad things that later you can 

Someone who refused to renew his work in ways that no longer produce, act like people who continue to squeeze the straw to get coconut milk 

If you have not menemkan jobs that match your talents, whatever bakatilah your current job. You will appear bright talented 

We honor the poor more than rich people who brave the cowards. Because actually have clear differences in the quality of future will they achieve 

If we only do what we already know, when we will get new knowledge? We do not yet know is the door to knowledge 

Do not just avoid the impossible. By trying something that is not possible, you will be able to achieve the best of what you might accomplish. 

One of the harshest pengkerdilan in life is to let a brilliant mind becomes a slave to a lazy body, which precede a rest before fatigue. 

If you are looking for money, you will be forced to seek the best service.
But if you put good service, then you are the money will be sought 

People who stop learning will be the owner of the past. The people who still continue to learn, will become the future owner 

Leave the pleasures of life that hinder the achievement of brilliance in desire. And be careful, because some pleasures are way excited to failure 

Do not resist change just because you are afraid of losing that has been held, because with him you are degrading the value that you can achieve through the change 

You will not be successfully become a new person when you are determined to retain your old ways. 

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