Indonesian Badminton Atlete

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Indonesia is a country with great achievements in the sport of badminton. After the era of the triumph of Susi Susanti, Joko Santoso, Rexy Subgja, Mia Audina. Now the young seedlings are popping up again climbed the stairs to the top achievements of world achievements.

As in reports by BWF World Ranking of 5 groups: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles, Indonesia's best ranked only on the mixed doubles third place world ranking. Even for women's singles players Indonesia number only able to occupy the best positions is 33. The following ranking badminton players of Indonesia based on the group:

     men's singles

Simon Santoso rank (9) of the world

Taufik Hidayat ranking (11) world

Tommy Sugiarto ranking (16) world

Dionysius Hayom Rumbaka ranking (23) world

     women's singles

Maria Febe Kusumatuti ranking (33) world

Adrianti Firdasari ranking (34) world

Aprilla Yuswandari ranking (41) world

     Ganda's son

Mohammad Ahsan - Bona Septano rank (6) of the world

Alvent Yulianto Chandra - Hendra Gunawan Aprida ranking (11) world

Markis Kido - Hendra Setiawan ranking (12) world

     Princess Ganda

Greysia Polii - Meiliana Jauhari rank (8) world

Vita Marissa - Nadya Melati ranking (13) world

Anneke Feinya Agustin - Nitya Maheswari Krishinda ranking (17) world

     Mixed doubles

Tontowi Ahmad - Liliyana Natsir rank (3) of the world

Muhammad Rijal - Debby Susanto ranking (13) world

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