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As we know, Indonesia is now necessary effort to move away from the snares of the world economic crisis. If we do not have positive thoughts then we will come flowing in the world economic downturn. Actually, Indonesia has the potential to become one of the world's economic power.

How not possible, the whole world needs of Indonesia. Starting from the forest to the abundant natural resources. Think about why when our forests slashed by illegal logging, the world reacted very hard? Not to mention how many Foreign companies rake of Indonesia's natural resources? If we try then we can stand on their own without much capur foreign hands.

Maybe this country needs the motivation to whip the spirit of the young generation in Indonesia in order to make an effort. Not spend time with negative activities such as thuggery. Surely we must thank the spirit pumping motivator of young generation in Indonesia. There are several motivators Indonesia that I know and has unique characteristics. Here is a list of popular motivator in Indonesia:

* Tung Desem Waringin

he was a student of renowned motivator from overseas, Anthony Robins. Since a small pack of Tung indeed have tremendous passion to achieve something.

He learned a lot from the experiences of his father's business that falls up. He is determined to help other businesses are so successful. In his career as an employee, Mr. Tung is known as a specialist bank staggered, ie with advancing BCA branches in Surabaya, kupang and Malang.Profil Motivator famous with regards this dreadful can read the article Tung Desem Waringin - The Success Coach.
* Andrie Wongso

I am familiar with the term itself from the pack motivati Andrie Wongso. Indonesia started from watching the show, presented by Mr. Risen Andrie Wongso motivation and I know the world became interested in the world bisnis.Menyaksikan pack Andrie Wongso always managed to pump the seminar brought my spirits. Moreover, Mr. Andri Wongso was always eager to bring his seminar.

Seminar materials taken from his life journey to become the pack Andrie Wongso sukses.Profil often known with regards Foreign Usually this can be read in the article Andrie Wongso - Motivator No. 1 Indonesia.
* Mario Teguh

I got interested with this motivator since Mario hosted on metro tv. His demeanor is calm and unpretentious able to anesthetize me to feel at home watching wejangannya. I think he is very smart, so capable of stringing words to motivate yourself audience.

There was not much I know from the famous Mario pack with his super greetings. But I understand he comes from the city of Malang. For some articles related to him can be read in an article kategory Mario.
* Gede Prama

His demeanor is similar to pak Mario Teguh, calm and unpretentious. Has a very distinctive accent at all, for the first time I hear it may seem arrogant in talking. but actually he was trying to suppress the philosophy of life that is meaningful and useful to our lives.

He often saw himself as a foolish person who managed to succeed. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the Profile of Gede Prama, please read.
* Hermawan Kartajaya

Not many that I know of Hermawan Kartajaya. But he is a key figure in the world of Asian marketing. His field of marketing is so embedded in her training or seminar more reviews about marketing strategies and other matters relating to the world of Marketing.

There are many more motivators Indonesia, which mostly comes from a successful entrepreneur who wants to share its experience to the young generation in Indonesia like a pack of Bob Sadino, Julianto Eka Putra, Rhenald Kasali, and Happy Chandra.

Maybe in the future I will be writing articles related to other motivators besides that I mentioned above. Do you know of other motivators have changed your life? please write in the comments section.

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