Santet ( Black Magic )

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SANTET or black magic (Java: magick, teluh) is a person attempts to harm another person from a distance by using black magic. Santet conducted using various media such as hair, pictures, dolls, incense, assorted flowers, and others. A person affected by witchcraft will result in disability or death. Santet often do people who have a grudge to someone else.

Witchcraft, teluh, magic or whatever his name is the negative energy that can damage a person's life: the form of disease, destruction of the household until the death. Various investigations have also done a lot of scientists on the phenomenon of witchcraft and the like. Research methods course somewhat different scientists with the clergy.

If the clergy wear dalil2 scripture reference (paragraph kitabiyah), the scientists use kauniyah paragraph (the universe) to investigate these wizards. Investigations using paragraph kauniyah course must have the nature of scientific method, starting from looking kasus2 witchcraft, witchcraft tipe2, symptoms, etc. result. Then later conducted various experiments to cure.

One of the conclusions / opinions that surfaced was the fact that witchcraft is energy. Why in the case of witchcraft could get nails, scorpions, pans, etc. can be explained through a process of materialization of energy. Well, witchcraft and spirits were found energy charged (-). Earth was proved to have a charge (-). In C Coulomb law says that the charge namesake will repel each other and do not charge it will namesake attraction. The formula is:

F = K * ((Q1 * Q2) / R ^ 2)
F = force attraction
K = Constant
Q1, Q2 = charge
R = distance

Well because demit aka spirits and the earth were both charged (-) ate the demit was not touching the earth. Parents are often times used to be reminded when talking with do-not recognized in the evening and see if his foot to touch the earth or not. If not then it means the spirits group.

Likewise with the wizards who were charged (-) is physically able to overcome or resisted by Coulomb C of this law. I do not discuss the methods against witchcraft with remembrance because it was much discussed but my reply offer any other alternative could be "standalone" (for non-Muslims) and combined with the remembrance (for Muslims).

Some methods:

1 Way

Sleep on the floor that directly touch the earth. May use the original bedding is no more than 15 cm. Sleeping on the floor with the wizards in trouble because of blocked charge (-) from the earth.

2 Way

Creating electronic device capable of transmitting waves of charge (-). Spirits, jinn, witchcraft, etc. will move away if exposed to vibration of this instrument. But the weakness of this tool is not able to detect good and evil creatures. Thus, this tool will "beat" any creature. If there are good jinn and bad jinn then they will be "expelled" as well.

3 Way

Conducting special gymnastics movement which should foot touched the earth. This exercise movement has only one core movement just so easy to do by anak2 to parents. In addition to healing for a variety of medical illnesses cured-de-sac, this exercise quite a lot of resolve cases of witchcraft as well. This pure exercise, with no spells or special breathing. For those interested, can buy VCDnya in IndoSpiritual

4 ways

Planting trees or plants which have a charge (-). Sensitive to the spiritual, the aura of this plant are felt "cold". Tree that has a charge (-) including: dadap, boyfriend of water, kelor, yellow bamboo, etc.. This kind of plants most disliked spirits. Plants usually charged (-) is not gripping too strong on the ground (earth) compared with plants charged (+)

Another case with a tree that has a charge (+) such as tamarind tree, banyan, star fruit, yellow, etc. so mat cottonwoods phohon this kind will certainly attract spirits and are often used as a place to live. This is because there are attraction force between the trees (+) and spirits (-) according to C Coulomb law.

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